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Project summary

The project aims to supply energy to the National Electricity Market by generating electricity through the use of Solar PV panels. Energy will also be stored and dispatched later through the use of banks of Lithium Ion Batteries.

Here are some key features of the project:

  • Total Solar Capacity of up to 176MW
  • Access tracks to and around the site to facilitate maintenance
  • A small operations and maintenance building
  • Export to the grid via the substation
  • Overhead and underground electrical cabling
  • Energy storage facility provided by banks of Lithium Ion (Li-ion) batteries housed in a purpose-built building
  • Stock proof fencing with high voltage equipment enclosed by security fence

Based on a number of technical, engineering and environmental studies, we have carefully designed this solar farm to consider the following:

  • Ecology (flora and fauna)
  • Landscape and visual impact
  • Noise
  • Cultural heritage
  • Bushfire Risk
  • Access and transport
  • Drainage and storm water

RES values community feedback and will be asking the local community and a wide number of stakeholders to provide information on the project as it progresses. Consultation activities may include:

  • Community Information event
  • Newsletters
  • One on One meetings with adjoining residents

RES supports the local community wherever possible. Most of the consultants involved in these studies are based in South Australia and all have extensive experience in renewable energy development.